Too Much Food

Today as Lowell and I were mall-walking in a very large mall, we stopped for lunch at a chain restaurant  with an extensive, probably too extensive menu. We ordered an appetizer, lettuce wraps that you make yourself by stuffing all kinds of veggies and things inside lettuce leaves and dipping in sauce (yummy); and on top of it we thought we should share a hamburger (which came with fries).

It was all to much. We made away with most of our veggies, and then were too full to do the burger justice. We nibbled at that part of the meal and finally waddled away from our table feeling kind of puky-full. Our mall-walking finally took care of the uncomfortable over-stuffed feeling, but what I learned is that Lowell and I really do each have about half an appetite compared to our grandson in his mid-twenties.  There are so many hungry people in this world, even in our own country. Not that our burger would have gone to feed them, but the money we spent on the burger might have.


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