Joan Uda

Bio: At this point in my life I'm a writer, after years as a teacher, lawyer, and minister. It's been a great life, married to one man more than five decades, who is unfortunately now deceased--I will never stop missing him.with four children and five grandchildren. Early in my life, probably when I was still in grade school, being a precocious reader, I read a novel called "Anthony Adverse," the 1936 novel by Hervey Allen. I decided then that life would seem longer if one didn't do one type of work all during one's lifetime, but moved around a bit. I started as a school teacher for what was then called junior high (instead of middle school) in Illinois, then was a graduate teaching assistant at the U. of Iowa, where my husband and I met more than 51 years ago. In 1972, I began law school, and was graduated in 1975. I worked a few years as a state gov't lawyer for the State of Montana, then went into private practice. When my husband decided to go to seminary in Denver, I first planned to stay behind and work, but soon I felt too strongly about missing him, so off to Denver we went. I followed him to Iliff School of Theology, being graduated about a year and a half after he was. I spent the next years as a pastor, until my congenital heart disease began to reveal itself. We knew I was sick but not why, and it was only a couple of years later that I collapsed on the stairs in our split level house, and finally my particular type of heart disease was diagnosed. I had an aortic root repair, a third of which in the past almost 8 years had come detached, and once again my blood was pooling instead of circulating properly. Now I am nearly mended from that surgery, hopeful that this one is going to last longer, and am finally getting back to writing.

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